MarieAnn Mc Loughlin Dwyer  Co. Founder- Wearer of many caps!

To date I've worked in so many arenas, mostly  aligned with nursing, aviation, hospitality, product development, marketing, and communication. 

The last five years I have dedicated myself to writing and producing, with three books and one web series behind me. (Check out "Behind the Truth" docu/series RTE Culture).

The biggest criticism I receive in life, is about trying my hand at so many new experiences and projects. I have learned however, that this is my way of learning, exploring, and challenging myself.

So, here we go again.. The pandemic has brought be  back (once again) to product development, and it's been amazing! There is a whole new generation of product creators out there, and I'm enjoying being part of the process second time around. It's an exciting place to be.  Learning to blend and develop gin in particular has been so exciting, educational and rewarding. I'm learning everyday.  All industries are surrounded by a community, and the gin community are fun people! They have welcomed me in with open arms, got me settled, and offered me a super strong safety net to call upon when necessary.  

Here's to new friends, new products, and a new family of worldwide gin lovers!