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Yes...we're Irish - Small Nation, Big Ideas! 

To celebrate Spring (for the month of April)

Runway 28 Premium Irish Gin will make a donation from each bottle purchased to the planting of trees in Ireland. Tree revival not only creates a healthy environment, but changes our future, and the future of our next generation..

Examples of indigenous Irish trees are the mighty Oak, the Birch & the Ash tree. Each species brings an active contribution to our land and the wildlife that inhabit our forests.

To find out more about tree planting go to:

Tree facts: Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, woodlands are home to thousands of species, native trees cover just 2% of Ireland. Trees help to prevent flooding.




You've landed on our Runway 28 Premium Gin webpage..

Welcome on board! Please sit back, relax, and take a few moments to browse our story so far,  our aviation blog, and even have a browse around our web shop . Remember all passengers are very important to us, so do please leave a comment or suggestion before exiting the website. Thank you for travelling with Runway 28 gin, it's been a pleasure to see you, and we look forward to welcoming you on board again soon!  Safe trip to where ever your journey takes you - MarieAnn Runway 28 Gin

They've landed! - The ultimate Aviation Mug Collection!

Fancy a cuppa with a little wind in it's tail? Well look no further. Runway 28 Premium Irish Gin has collaborated once again with the creatives at AB Print&Design, Bray, Co. Wicklow, and the ever talented super cool design people at Bee&Fox Ltd UK. The result? Three super stylish bespoke mugs to launch our Spring merchandise campaign.

At €10.99 each, you can own, gift, or just enjoy a little piece of aviation in a cup!

So without further adieu, we present to you the "'s gin o'clock" mug - The "Don't make me use my Captain's voice" mug, and the classic Runway28 Gin (logo'd) "The Sky's the Limit" mug. Something here for everyone..

But there's more!  We at RW28Gin LOVE to share and celebrate our collaborators and indeed their many talents! So why not pop on over to AB Print&Design Bray Co. Wicklow Printing | Abprint & Design | County Wicklow and why not check out Bee&Fox at Bee & Fox Ltd | BESPOKE . DESIGN . FINISH ( - We would highly recommend both for design, print, and their super helpful teamwork..

Now, if you'll excuse me,  I'm off to pop the kettle on! 




NEW - Pilot Rank Markings  Handmade Masks - €12.00

Shop now for  "The Pilot Rank Markings Bespoke Mask Range" 

(Adult Size/All ranks available in both gold and silver) click here to shop:


Runway28 Premium Gin, is a classic mix of botanicals, with a hint of pepper - Distilled with expertise in Co. Louth, Ireland

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Eric Hoffman
a month ago

I saw you on Twitter and would love to give your gin a taste. I'm currently writing a blog post about Irish Gin and love your story. Is the gin on for sale online? I'm based in Limerick. Please let me know. Eric

Pat Kearon
a month ago

Looking forward to trying in US!

Chris Williams
2 months ago

The gin is absolutely stunning. I would normally use grapefruit in my gin but the botanics in the gin alone are enough . Very tasty . Can't wait to purchase again

MarieAnn Mc Loughlin Dwyer
2 months ago

Massive thanks Shane! Your enthusiasm is just the tonic! (excuse the pun!) Enjoy, and warmest regards to one and all - MarieAnn at Runway28 Premium Gin.

2 months ago

Congratulations folks, it’s fantastic to see someone taking a chance and creating an Irish brand🥳👏

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