"Runway 28 Gin has given me a great opportunity to merge my experience from various industries, Aviation & Product development are both work arenas that I've loved - I'm grateful, and excited to find out where this Runway 28 Craft Gin will take me!" - MarieAnn Mc Loughlin Dwyer Co. Founder

I've worked as a cabin crew member,  a producer, & have had various roles over the years in product development  and retail. 



“If life gives you Juniper berries, make Gin!”

Take one Irish Aviation company, with two aviation professionals, then add a turbulent pandemic to the mixture, what do you get? Well in Kilbarron Aviation’s case, a brand-new Aviation themed premium Irish Gin, with a just a hint of pepper.


Co-director MarieAnn Mc Loughlin Dwyer, with a background in both aviation and product development, and wife to one of Irelands many grounded commercial airline pilots, researched, studied and blended in collaboration with master distiller & recipe experts at Listoke Distillery in Co. Louth, to craft and create Runway28 Premium Irish Gin.


“Runway28 Gin is a classic mix of earthy botanicals, with a hint of pepper. I wanted to celebrate and commemorate our small nation of pioneers, the spirited Irish, to highlight our unique nature and tradition, our ability to adapt, forge forward, and get creative, especially in the face of massive disruption,” says MarieAnn.


“The gin for me, is the perfect combination of all that I’ve learned over the years, much of which I owe to my time working within the Aviation Industry. Teamwork, communication, goal setting and hard work, all remain constants for me from my early days of training as a member of cabin crew with Aer Lingus back in 1999, to my subsequent days working with Ryanair, and many other airlines traveling from base to base as a product developer and trade show host.”


We may be a Small Nation, but we do get Big Ideas!


Runway28Gin is available online from mid -February 2021 for further information please email